prince of rabbits (elahrairha) wrote in wastebucket,
prince of rabbits

never my angel

i have been watching
in the darkness
and confusion, i have found
a presense
with divine down
that man dare not
i have walked past
to pick up
subtle fragrances
that might have danced off of her
onto the gracefully
swaying stage
of smoke in the air
like me, it cannot escape
the closeness of the room
and the people
and this trance-like intoxication
the light is dim and
strangely colored
but i can see as she turns
her head
and looks in my direction
she is a pearl
in a red cloud at midnight
i have been watching her
and now, she is seeing me
my thoughts and emotions thrash around
with brutal turbulence
they excavate my most dear
and painful memories
and discard them
as if hoping for
a wild card
oh god, she is so lovely and tonight i'm going to
go home
the liquor in my head
miss jane
the crazy painted fish
swimming in it
are not enough
to quicken me
they offer only the illusion of courage
fuck my weakness
fuck my frail motivation
fuck me
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