prince of rabbits (elahrairha) wrote in wastebucket,
prince of rabbits

he has a lamp

he has a lamp
I forgot mine
I wish I hadn't
the lights in my room assault me
his fridge is stocked
I drank my
last coke Tuesday
and have yet to return to the store
we turn the fan out
and he is rolling
he is good
experience steadies his hand
we talk lightly of our past
our future
and we live our present
we are taking it deep within us
holding it like a loved one
I lay back
sink into velvet softness
so glad I learned to swim
I don't want to drown
in this cozy blanket
like a warm water lake
a pale light gleams through
the comfortable murk
I push my way to
and rise from the depths
of an old familiar couch
my lamp is in the corner
I'm tired but I cannot sleep
cold silence comes
settles til morning
my body atrophies
from the heart out
I turn to swim
to retreat into the couch
it resists
something is holding me back
but soon I am once again
far from home
and he is rolling
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